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A list with pictures of previous and upcoming exhibitions for you to keep track of my record. So that you won't miss me! It's one thing to see something on the net but meeting in person and enjoy a real show is something else. 


Limhamns Galleri & Sånt. (SWE)

18-28 May, 2023. Solo Exhibition.

My very first solo exhibition in my hometown. Also the last show before the summer. So blessed with all the support and lovely people I've met. Special thanks to Carina & Mats who runs the gallery. It would not be possible without you two. Make sure to check them out visit them. (



28-30 April. BMW Experience Center.

Smaller version of Art Nordic but still as good! Here i presented my very first 2 painting among my sculptures. Among good looking cars and great artist we managed to create an amazing vibe.


Malmö Gallerihelg 2022 (SE)

22-24 September.

Every year in over a september weekend all of the galleries open up for a big event called "Gallerihelgen". People can walk from place to place and experience different artists around the whole city.


Art Nordic 2022 (DK)

24-26 June. Biggest nordic art fair.

The first and most extensive exhibition I have attended. With over 100 people attending. I hope to join again in the future.

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