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From street art to street fashion - my creative shift.

Rodgraff1 young and rising, fueled by his passion for graffiti, was able to realize his vision by painting his very own custom panther figure from Guldhart. He was the very first to be given this task. With the Posca pens as his tool and the spirit of street art as his guide, he created a unique artwork that reflected his love for creativity and the raw beauty of street art.

Who is Rodgraff1?

What truly motivates me is 'The Hustle' – the relentless pursuit of hard work.

My name is Rodgraff1, and I'm from Malmö. My passion for graffiti and street art has been with me since childhood, and my love for this art form has only grown stronger over time. It all began with my father's influence and evolved into a significant interest by the time I was around 14 years old. Currently, I run my own business and clothing brand, HustleHard. Owning my clothing brand has always been a dream of mine, something I've wanted to realize for a long time. The name "HustleHard" is inspired by my life experiences, where I've always had various side hustles and been a driven individual. What truly motivates me is "The Hustle" – the relentless pursuit of hard work.

My introduction to Guldhart and his cat sculptures came through friends who discovered his first feline artworks around Limhamn, Malmö. These sleek and cool cats immediately caught my eye. I started sketching my own cat with a unique design, leading to the birth of "The Rod Cat."

While graffiti remains a part of my artistic passion, the majority of my time is now dedicated to creating and developing my clothing designs and my brand, HustleHard.

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