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Presenting a comprehensive list of captivating exhibitions, complete with delightful pictures, to help you stay informed about my artistic journey. Don't miss a single event! While experiencing my work online is inspiring, nothing compares to the magic of meeting in person and immersing yourself in a real, live show. Mark your calendars and be part of these extraordinary moments!

Exhibitions & Events
(Next up) Luftkastellet

8-10 Mars, 2024.


More info coming...


Engleson Galleri (

22-24 September, 2023.


More info coming...


Gallerihelgen (SWE)

22-24 September, 2023.


Unexpectedly, our exhibition expanded to include a impressive 10-meter wall. Alongside my friend Aleks Hill, I showcased numerous new pieces, creating a fantastic experience with a diverse audience and positive interactions. Grateful for the strong sales, I feel truly blessed. This years gallerihelgen was held by Engleson Galleri.


Limhamns Galleri & Sånt. (SWE)

18-28 May, 2023. Solo Exhibition.


I am thrilled to announce my inaugural solo exhibition in my hometown, a momentous occasion before the summer break. I feel incredibly blessed by the overwhelming support and the warm-hearted people I've had the pleasure of meeting. A heartfelt thank you goes to Carina & Mats, the wonderful gallery owners who made this show possible. Without their support, this endeavor would not have been a reality. Don't miss the opportunity to explore their gallery at ( Your visit would mean a lot!



28-30 April. BMW Experience Center.


ART EXPERIENCE, though a scaled-down version of Art Nordic, proved to be equally exceptional! I proudly presented my debut paintings alongside my captivating sculptures at the splendid BMW center—a perfect setting to showcase artistic talent. The event provided me with the opportunity to connect with numerous talented individuals, leaving me feeling blessed to be a part of it. Moreover, Denmark's charm left a lasting impression, adding to the overall joy of the experience.


Malmö Gallerihelg 2022 (SE)

22-24 September.


During an exciting September weekend each year, the city comes alive with the vibrant celebration of "Gallerihelgen." This grand event sees galleries across the city fling open their doors, inviting people to embark on an enriching artistic journey. As participants wander from one location to another, they encounter a diverse array of talented artists, creating an inspiring and immersive experience throughout the entire city. "Gallerihelgen" truly unites art enthusiasts and the creative community, turning the city into an enchanting haven of artistic expression.


Art Nordic 2022 (DK)

24-26 June. Biggest nordic art fair.


A defining moment in my artistic journey, Art Nordic proved to be an unparalleled and expansive exhibition—the largest in Scandinavia. The event garnered a staggering attendance of over 100 individuals, attracting a diverse global audience. The experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring, etching itself into my memory forever. The opportunity to connect with art enthusiasts from various corners of the world made it truly breathtaking, leaving an indelible mark on my heart.


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