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Guld vibes only.

Art made with heart.

Behold the magnificent Guldcat, a true testament to my profound adoration for both art and the enigmatic world of cats.

Surely, there's hardly anyone who hasn't stumbled upon a delightful, funny cat video gracing their screens. Cats have effortlessly conquered the internet with their endearing quirks, and one of my hottest t-shirt designs featured adorable felines soaring through space, blasting lasers from my very eyes.


Undeniably, cats are an integral part of my soul. And it's not just me; a vast tribe of like-minded cat enthusiasts roams this world. Even ancient Egypt, over 4000 years ago, revered these mystical creatures as sacred beings, embodying incredible personalities beyond their often-grumpy visages.

Harnessing immense reserves of super sculpey clay, I painstakingly shaped the cat-like head, graced with a serene expression. Weeks of fervent labor culminated in its proud stance, gazing back at me with infinite potential. This moment marked the dawn of an extraordinary journey, beckoning me to explore boundless realms of creativity.


"Let's meet and greet!"

Meet Guldhart, the passionate artist who draws inspiration from the electrifying world of art exhibitions. With a profound love for creativity, Guldhart thrives on connecting with fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and curious visitors.

These gatherings weave a vibrant tapestry of inspiration, sparking fresh perspectives and friendships as ideas and emotions flow freely.

Every exhibition is a magical journey, where brush strokes on canvas spring to life, sculptures tell tales of mastery, and colors dance to an unspoken rhythm.

Guldhart's heart races with excitement, each encounter leaving an indelible mark, nurturing a growing passion for the boundless possibilities of art.

In these moments, Guldhart becomes an integral brushstroke in the masterpiece of artistic expression.

Heart Disease.

"I want to raise awareness about heart disease through art."

I am deeply committed to raising awareness about the profound impact of heart disease, particularly in light of my sisters' battles, and advocating for research that can enhance and extend the lives of those facing heart ailments.

As an artist, I've harnessed my creativity to support critical fundraising initiatives for heart disease research. I recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as my sister, who received a second chance at life.


However, I hold a strong belief that by uniting our efforts, we can pave the path toward a healthier and brighter future for all.


"Unleashing Heart and Art"

I'm André Guldhjärta, the mind behind and the Guldcats.


Working in solitude under the alter ego "Guldhart," a wordplay on my last name meaning "gold heart" in Swedish, merging heart and art.


From Limhamn, Sweden, I'm a cat-loving artist influenced by generations of creative passion.


As a graphic designer and illustrator for over a decade, I found my niche in fashion, meeting captivating individuals who now shape my ongoing journey.


Together, we embark on an artistic odyssey, refining and redefining the boundaries of creativity.

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