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"This is were i shine."

I recently had the opportunity to exhibit my art at Art Nordic, the largest art exhibition in Scandinavia. This experience was truly amazing, as it gave me the chance to showcase my work to a wide and diverse audience of art enthusiasts. I was thrilled to see visitors engaging with my pieces and expressing their appreciation for my work.

I believe that exhibiting my art is an important way for me to share my vision and connect with others who share my passion for art. I hope to continue to participate in exhibitions like this one, both in Scandinavia and internationally. I look forward to the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.




Art Nordic

Heart Disease

"I want to help out with my art to save lifes"

For many years I have been determined to somehow draw attention to my sisters' heart disease and support research for a chance for a better and longer life for all heart patients.


Being an artist, I use my art to raise money for vital research.

Everyone is not that fortunate to get a second chance like my sister did. But I believe that we can make a better future together.

Art made with heart.

Art made with heart

The proud standing Guldcat is the representation of my love for art and cats. There is probably no one who has not come across a funny video of a cute cat on some form of media today. Cats have long dominated the internet with their quirky antics. One of my hottest tshirt designs I ever created was flying cats in space shooting lasers out of my eyes. So you understand cats are life.


It's not just me who's a cat crazy, but there are many more like-minded people out there in the world. As early as 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal. They have an incredible character despite the fact that they often look bitter and grumpy.


With a huge amount of super sculpey clay, I sculpted away and created the head. A cat-like head with a neutral expression. After a month of intense work, it finally stood there looking at me. It is long stately and has an infinite potential of what it can become. I understood that this was the beginning of a new journey that had appeared.



"A one man band"

My name is André Guldhjärta and I am the creator behind and the Guldcats. I work alone under the alter ego Guldhart a pun of my last name that translates into “gold heart” from the Swedish language and therefore heart and art

A cat-loving artist from Sweden, Limhamn.


For generations, my family's love of art and creativity has been devoted in all its forms. Originally, I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for 10+ years. I niched myself in the fashion market and got the chance to meet many interesting people who shared their experiences and stories that are now refining my ongoing journey.

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