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Step into the realm of "Blue eyed kid" a mesmerizing canvas acrylic painting that beckons viewers to ponder the mysteries hidden behind a young boy's piercing blue eyes.

In this captivating artwork, the boy stands shrouded in intrigue, his gaze both captivating and enigmatic as he peeks out from behind a panther mask. What lies beneath those azure depths? Secrets untold, dreams unspoken, or perhaps a world of magic waiting to be unveiled.

As the boy and the panther mask intertwine, a sense of wonder and curiosity fills the air, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery. What stories do those eyes hold? What adventures await beyond the mask's facade?

With "Blue eyed kid" adorning your space, you delve into a realm where imagination knows no bounds and every glance reveals a new layer of mystery. Join us as we unravel the enigma behind those blue eyes and unlock the magic within.

Blue eyed kid

8 500,00krPrice
Only 1 left in stock
  • Product info

    Floating black frame.
    Painted canvas.

    Certification of authenticity included.

  • Return policy

    Please choose your artwork carefully as we do not accept returns. If you notice damage upon unpacking your product from, contact within 48 hours of receiving the product with digital images of the damage so that we can assist you.

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