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The Guldcat on the stone peak.

Near Limhamn dragörkajen, there is, among other things, the world's best Limhamn ice cream dairy that you just have to visit. But there is also a high stone peak of some kind that is illuminated by 4 light sources from the ground. This strange stone piece became my second destination for placing out a cat. The truth is that the Guldcat was first placed on the ground but an unknown person tried to take it and broke its legs. This person left it there broken. I took it home and pieced it back together.

My second cat got metallic gold painted all over with black gloves, shoes and heart. A very nice cat who had a bit more attitude. This golden cat would be allowed to stand at the top of this stone pile. It was really nice up there. However, I don't think people noticed it very much because it was almost too high up. But some stopped to appreciate the cat. Got pretty cool pictures of it too. The thought had certainly crossed my mind that someone would be crazy enough to try to take this golden cat. So I left a little message that I wrote beforehand on the back of my head. As a small "congratulations you succeeded" text. I thought that was a fun detail. The golden cat had to stand up there in the blue for a whole week. Later one evening, my Instagram account was tagged in a post. To my surprise, there was a picture of the Golden Cat from the stake lying on a floor. It was super fun that the person in question got in touch and shared. Also got a video of it being taken down. I am super happy that it has been taken care of by someone who appreciates it. Glad this person made it a thing. So thank you again!


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