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A while after I finally finished working on producing the first Goldcat sculpture version 1.0, I felt it was time to show it to the locals here in Limhamn. I did not have the worst expectations, most thought it would be nice to share my art and make others maybe happy or so.

The black cat.

I was very happy with this, felt very simple and nice. I had not really achieved that with the composition of the sculpture, which led to it being incredibly sensitive to weather. It was not solid black but with a spray can, so I had the sculpture sprinkled down instead of covering, which created a pretty neat and cool effect. Then with creamy white spray paint straight into the eyes and let the whites sprinkle a little outside the eye shapes. First, I painted with a #posca pencil a heart as in the first picture. But then I decided to fill it in completely with the help of masking tape and white spray paint. Gloves and shoes were also spray-painted in white. Also added my heart-shaped G on my hands and added goldhart on my left arm.

The sculpture was placed out.

Goldcat som står på en sten i vattnet på limhamns ön i en fin liten vik där änderna bor.
The first public Goldcat sculpture by in a small bay on Limhan's Island.

On the beautiful island there is an interesting small bay which is usually inhabited by curious ducks in the summer. In this bay there are 3 pairs of stones that protrude extra much from the water which I felt was a great place to put it. It stood stately on this rock in the middle of the water and welcomed everyone who was out on their day walk. Unfortunately, it was not long-term as I mentioned earlier, so I had not just then developed any protection against humidity and weather. So to my surprise, I met the next day nicely collapsed as if it were lying and sunbathing. But from this I understood that I needed to think one step further.

Goldcat skulptur i svart och vit på natten ståendes på en sten i viken på limhamns ön där Änderna bor.
An evening walk to see that the Goldcat sculpture felt good.

Svart och vit Goldcat skulptur ligger och solar på sten i en vik på limhamns ön där Änderna bor.
When the Goldcat sculpture got enough of all the moisture and lay down. I think someone was kind enough and put it nicely as if he was sunbathing.


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