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The crystal Guldcat.

So by now I had created two concrete cats. It was time to try making a cat in epoxy. Epoxy is a form of hard plastic that comes in 2 different components in liquid form that you mix and then there is a reaction that causes it to harden. For being the first time, it turned out perfectly ok. It looks very cool with a transparent cat. It takes much longer for epoxy to cure than concrete so there is a lot of dead time. I made 3 transparent gold cats in total on this occasion.

The crying cat.

I decorated this cat with gold paint that I hand painted a heart on the chest and in the eyes that I let run a little. Almost looked like the cat was crying golden tears. If nothing else, I was satisfied with it. So pleased that I felt I wanted to share it. There is a small walking distance along the water before you go over to Limhamn Ön, which many people take, including me. There is a fairly low concrete wall at the far end of the water, which is very suitable for exhibiting on. It got there at night and was there until about lunchtime the next day, a Saturday. In broad daylight, an unknown person took it. I wish she had gotten in touch as I'm fine with them disappearing. However, it was others who managed to photograph it and post it. :) Which was fun. It did very well there with Limhamn's island in the background.


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