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Limhamn ice cream dairy.

I've mentioned them before and I'll do it again. The best ice cream parlor I know. A pure joy for every spoon that goes into the mouth. Of course, I somehow wanted to show my appreciation by exhibiting a Guldcat there in some way.

I made a raw concrete Guld cat that I placed in front of the store so that it looks at the store. They clear that even a Guldcat can get hungry for ice cream. Limhamn's ice cream dairy was very positive about this. They decided to place their ice cream plate next to the gold cat and market it along with their ice cream. Incredibly friendly and fun. I am very grateful. I think it was allowed to stand there for just over a week. Then the 9 lives ended and Guldkatten threw in the towel. Who knows, we might see the cat there again.

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