Guld vibes only.



The proud standing Guldcat is the representation of my love of art and cats. There is probably no one who has not come across a funny video of a cute cat on some form of media today. Cats have long dominated the internet with their quirky antics. One of my hottest tshirt designs I ever created was flying cats in space shooting lasers out of my eyes. So you understand cats are life. It's not just me who's a cat crazy, but there are many more like-minded people out there in the world. As early as 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a sacred animal. They have an incredible character despite the fact that they often look bitter and grumpy. With a huge amount of super sculpey clay, I sculpted away and created the head. A cat-like head with a neutral expression. After a month of intense work, it finally stood there looking at me. It is long stately and has an infinite potential of what it can become. I understood that this was the beginning of a new journey that had appeared.


G U L D · H · A R T

My name is André Guldhjärta and I am the creator behind Guldhart.com and the sculpture Guldcat. I work alone under the alter ego Guldhart, a pun of my last name that translates into gold heart from the Swedish language and therefore art and heart. Making art in any shape has always been my biggest passion and a life without it would be a very grey and dull world. For years i have been working as an graphic designer in different kind of scenarios but only by following others rules. For a long time i wanted to do something for myself that i think is fun and stimulating. I looked into myself and asked what I wanted to do for a change and the answer was clear. I would start to make Cat's, Guldcat's...