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Skånska Dagbladet

An article in the newspaper about Limhamn's cat artist.

Mysterious cats have begun to appear in the city and people are looking for them. They have appeared a bit everywhere in town, cat sculptures with a big heart on their chest, since last summer. They stand there to be seen - or even to be taken home by whoever finds them. The cats are cast in float putty and epoxy and then hand-painted. The artist behind them is called André Guldhjärta and he decides that whoever finds a cat may give them a new home, you definitely have to do that, and then feel free to give them a name and send a picture of where they have gone.

- Whoever finds one can take it home and call themselves the owner of it in exchange for me getting a picture of it back in their new home and getting to know what name they have given it.

On the website and on the Instagram account with the same name, you can find clues to where to find cats that he has placed. To date, the cat counter on the website shows 22 cats that have been placed in different places in Malmö and in most cases also found.

- I simply want to spread this joy I have for cats in general. It's to experience people's reactions from the cats. It's to bring together people who like cats or maybe just art in general, to create a sense of belonging or a community. He mentions sources of inspiration such as the artists @kaws and @betongbror . The last named is also from Malmö but, unlike André Guldhjärta, he chooses to remain anonymous.

- I am very social as a person and I care very much about those who seek me out and get in touch and are interested and curious about what I am doing.. André Guldhjärta works under the alter ego Guldhart, a pun with his name, art and heart. Art made with heart.

He is about to start a business and also sell cats. Part of the income will then go to the Heart and Lung Fund. This is where the heart comes into the picture.

- We have heart disease in the family and I adorn my cats with a big heart to symbolize Guldhart and the fight for a better life for people with heart disease, he says.


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