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Road trip to Ljusterö.

The Guldcat went on a short trip in Sweden when the pandemic and other things were on the cards. Since cats don't have a driver's license, the Guldcat was of course NOT allowed to drive the car. Our first stop was in Gränna to snoop on all the polka pigs. Incredibly tasty and you can even watch them being made, very interesting!

The journey continued, but when we left Gränna, out of nowhere it started to storm and rain something absolutely crazy. But we got through it too and eventually it was all sunny and nice for everyone. We were completely exhausted after many hours of travel, so we took a well-deserved overnight stay in beautiful Norrköping. We also found a fantastic pasta restaurant that many celebrities had hung out at. Very nice!

New day, new opportunities with a steady hotel breakfast. Then it was on to Ljusterö again. Brilliant weather it really was. Finally we got to the small boat ferry that took us over to the island and wow what a paradise. We spent a couple of days here and had a blast. Among other things, we dived for old abandoned bottles at the bottom of the water found some really old nice bottles. But everything has an end and the Guldcat decided to stay there. Own little house and everything in this paradise location. I understood that you wanted to stay. So we thanked for the time and parted ways.


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