"Art made with heart."



My name is André Guldhjärta and I am the creator behind Guldhart.com and the Guldcats. I work alone under the alter ego Guldhart a pun of my last name that translates into “gold heart” from the Swedish language and therefore heart and art

A cat-loving artist from Sweden, Limhamn.


For generations, my family's love of art and creativity has been devoted in all its forms. Originally, I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for 10+ years. I niched myself in the fashion market and got the chance to meet many interesting people who shared their experiences and stories that are now refining my ongoing journey.


I like to experiment with my art and test different techniques to find solutions that suit me best. I think there is no right or wrong. The main thing is that you dare to do and not think too much. Creating has always been the focus for me in any subject that meant being creative.


I hope to inspire others with my art and evoke emotion and joy with it. A life without color and shape would be a gray and dull world.