"Art made with heart."


G U L D · H · A R T

My name is André Guldhjärta and I am the creator behind Guldhart.com and the collectable figurine Guldcat. I work alone under the alter ego Guldhart, a pun of my last name that translates into gold heart from the Swedish language and therefore art and heart. Making art in any shape has always been my biggest passion and a life without it would be a very grey and dull world. I started my career in Stockholm as a street fashion designer for the epic Dedicatedbrand.com I worked there for several years. It was an honour to be a part of their history. Building it up to what it is today. Meanwhile, I went by the artist name Atinum and I made a massive library of t-shirt prints and more. It was a cool era seeing my stuff in stores and on the streets. People purchased my things because they liked what I made, I am forever honoured. But even if I had a blast in the capital city of Sweden with extreme overtime working and parties. I felt that big empty hole in my heart. I need my family and friends. I am from the south, Malmö city. I knew that I had to part ways to be able to fill the hole in my heart. So I moved back got married and got kids. I finally knew what I missed out on and longed for. Now I didn't want to get back to working for someone else as a graphic designer. I wanted to take all that experience in life and do something I truly loved. I looked into myself and for the first time I asked myself what I wanted to do and the answer was clear. I would start to make cats.